Gangsta Glory – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Gangsta Glory – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

[Krayzie Bone]
Yo whats up lil homie? What you doin out
here on the corner man ain't you posed to
be in school? Oh oh ok, you wanna be a
gangsta huh?

[Eazy-E (Krayzie Bone) - Chorus]
Now Ima break it down just to tell a little
story (story) (Gangstas don't live that long!)

[Bizzy Bone]
The high-standin of a gangsta. Runnin
around the paper, paper, comin around
major! Put it on Samson. Huge capers!
Throwin explosives at my neighbors like
Flesh. Sharp as razors a meat cleaver. These
niggas like Lay down in Decatur. Tight mink
coat, fresh white gators, my gangsta glory!
Ask Jesus my daddy aint Darth Vader, no he
aint. Its gettin slitherin like (nory?). Niggas
you know my story! Thugged-out gangsta
fedora! Four winds in four quarters.
According to my assessment before and
after is present. We barracudas that muscle
the jungle. Bring out the weapons. Steppin
five strong! Fuck a recession! Prediction:
Platinum! Listen to my gangsta glory! Bone
Thugs we know whats happenin nigga!


[Layzie Bone]
We live in an era where niggas get body-
bagged and toe-tagged. Shit is so bad,
movin' so fast. Niggas hold flags and
murder for cash. This matter that keep you
a Fo and the stash. The ammo was with me,
it was up on the dash. Handle my business
so no need to brag. I move with the rhythm,
I zig and I zag, dip and I dap. These niggas
is out here droppin like flies stuck in a trap.
You can get caught up wherever you at.
Hollywood, gangsta Heaven and I know
Wally could. If I could, Id go back in time to
the neighborhood. Tell em buckle down
and live better! Once you gone, you gone
forever. Niggas is out here strong together!
Thought we was gonna live long together.
These niggas is on this song together tryin
to be clever and do some things these
niggas will never, never ever, dare to


[Krayzie Bone]
Yo, yo, my nigga got shot up and murdered,
put in the dirt, he's no longer heard of. So
serious - word up! No tellin' how you can
turn up. But niggas they never do this and
they do anything to get that green! But they
slangin', they gankin' the fiends, or takin'
their g's for whole ki's! Another statistic, no
brotherly love we give 'em ballistic. We late
night misfits, on the government hit lists -
relentless. All the real gangstas I know, dead
or in a cell. Spendin' all their mail tryin' to
bail up outta jail! (jail) And all the real
niggas that's alive, on parole. One mistake -
you're gone, leave the gangsta's way alone!
Hey, "Gangsta!" "Gangsta!," that's what they
yellin'. Believe me, it's a couple of things
they ain't tellin'. (tellin')


[Wish Bone]
This ghetto life - it's really not understood.
So how could you kill a man based just on
them circumstances before you pass
judgement? Get's killed for their tennis
shoes. Ghetto black mamas spend their
check so they look good. All in the club,
lookin' for love, jumpin' on "X" pills. Now
you in love, knocked-up, then find out it
ain't real. Another hood baby, 'cause feed
on that bullshit, it's hard to hear in the place
when you're all on that bullshit! A young
nigga with a Fo'-Fo' (Fo'-Fo'!) First lick he
ever hit was a good go. (Let's go!) Hooked
on easy money, (money) it's too late. Never
thought it would come back,
unrecognizable the game [?] fate.


I been around and seen enough things that
they need changed. No doubt we the ones
always up on game who ready to spit it, so
it register in your brain - all that name and
what you claim. If you in the game, then
you probably bang. A closed mind equals a
closed mouth. It's too much of a damn
shame! It's mind overmatter. If you don't
go through some pain, then it really won't
be no game; no room left to complain. Or
else you can point the blame; the ignorance
is all the stuff about you. Full of belligerence,
no wonder why society's run amuck! Stuck
in the ghetto with no direction, playin
reckless with heavy metal. Man that judge
got you a spot if you can purchase a plot to
settle in. The Devil's in the detail, you can
recognize him well. Believe it! God will bless
you and everything you need to prevail!


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