I Believe – Ra Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: I Believe – Ra

I'm doing all I can To separate Your hate from me
It always seems to beThe way you look at me
That gives it all away

No one around you cares about you or your sacred ways
They only see a sacred fist, They only see a bomb today

I believe in a world that can take you High
In a place where patience can prevail
In a sky where sunshine breaks the clouds
I believe in a thought that can set you free
And the seeds of hatred always fail
In a mind that hears its heartbeat loud

In your mind you can't forget what evil has been done to you
It lives in what you say or do and dictates your reality
But your soul is clean, Disinfected by your innocence
And while it makes no sense, You pursue a Slave's insanity

But you won't let go because your always right
And you won't say no so you die tonight

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