I can’t see nobody


È contenuto nei seguenti album:

1967 Bee Gees 1st
1990 Tales from the brothers Gibb (cd 1)
1998 One night only
2006 Bee Gees 1st
2008 Here at last..Bee Gees..live
2008 Best of Bee Gees vol.1
2010 Mythology

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Testo Della Canzone

I can't see nobody di Bee Gees

I walk the lonely streets; I watch the people passing by.
I used to smile and say hello. Guess I was just a happy guy.
Then you happened,girl, this feeling that posessses me.
I just can’t move myself. I guess it all just had to be.

I can’t see nobody…no, I can’t see nobody.
Mine eyes can only look at you…you.

I used to have a brain; I used to think of many things.
I watched the falling rain and listened to the sweet birds sing.
Don’t ask me why, little girl. I love you and that’s all I can say.
You’re ev’ry ,ev’ry breath I take.You are my nights; my night and day.

Every single word you hear…is coming from this heart of mine.
I never felt like this before…a love like yours so young and fine.
And now as I try to forget you…it doesn’t work out any way.
I loved you such a long time ago…but in my eyes you’ll always be.
Every single word you hear…is coming from this heart of mine.
I loved you such a long time ago…don’t know why…
And I don’t know why…baby…

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