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Il Testo della della canzone Di: I'll Never Know – Marc Broussard

There’s you, there’s me
And all the stories in between

With all that knowledge
There’s still so much
I’ll never know

From birth, to death
Our ears are filled with hard words and bad breath

How do we decide what’s for keeps
And what’s for letting go

I remember daddy talkin' TO me once
Just sounded like regret
I know there was some wisdom in there
But I haven’t found it yet

There’s hate, and war
Will we ever know the reasons for?

How do we make sense
Of ever going down that road?

Oh I’m a simple man
How do I help my children understand?

I’m just helpless
To all the things I’ll never know

Hell, I even tried to talk to God
With all I have to say

Either he’s not listening anymore
Or I’ve forgotten how to pray

So here we are
Just me and you and this guitar
You asked, I told
Now there’s just this one sure thing I know

Oh, I know

I’m just helpless
To all the things I’ll never know


I’ll never know


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