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Il Testo della della canzone Di: In Da Building – Scotty Cain

What up? Scotty Cain. Pablo
Imma make you run them bands up (run them bands up)
Imma make you run them bands up (run them bands up)
Ya'll niggas broke

Bitch I'm in the building
Clutching fucking niggas bitches popping bottles on you pussies I'm the sickest
Bitch I'm in the building
Pull out them bands and get to flossing with them bitches ain't no catching Scotty slipping Glock30 with the extension
Bitch I'm in the building
I'm VIP all drinks on me I'm popping tabs all at the bar you know I'm thugging
Bitch I'm in the building
Running up that check, getting off that sack, stacking up my racks, and straps when fuck niggas wanna jack

[Scotty Cain:]
I'm the sickest I got racks up on you bitches
Don't need no body guards, got straps to you lil bitches
I fucked a nigga bitch I guess he tripping
I told his bitch to tell him I ain't slipping bitch I'm hitting it
High Tec got me leaning all these hoes be screaming when they see me they act like I be thugging all on the TV
Sipping Ac with Byrd don't fuck with MGP that shit make me sleepy I be trying to flight and get them bengies
Swerving lane to lane with the gleezy on me
True religions with the red extension on them
Pull out them bands when your bitch looking lonely
Go get a suite and fuck that ho until the morning


I don't pay for pussy, I buy pints of lean
Smoking niggas rent money what the fuck you mean
All my bitches bout my straps you know how Pablo rock it
And my niggas selling cars like a car auction
26's on my whips look like a Tonka toy
My OG made a million selling Ol' Roy
Fucked your bitch after the club until the next day
If I want it I draw bands you niggas layaway
Ran em' up I got them mad that I made a killing
Don't pay for studio time I went and bought a building
Racks coming in, packs going out
Gutter Money, Road Runner, ain't no fucking doubt


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