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2000 Sound loaded

Testo Della Canzone

Jezabel di Ricky Martin

You walk into a room
You’ve got killer eyes that hypnotize
You’re dangerous
Oh yeah, you’re dangerous
You’ve got a snaky kind of strut
It’s too hot to touch
Can’t trust a thing you do or say
Gotta stay away
One by one
You’ve gone from man to man
Until your mission is done

Jezabel, kiss and tell
You use your body, just to cast
Your spell and sell your story
You’re just a Jezabel, kiss and tell
You ride the headlines like a carousel
Of fame and glory

I’m going down your windin’ road
Around those killer curves
That work my nerves
You’re dangerous
Slippery and dangerous
You’ve got a camera down your shirt
You’ve got a slit in your skirt
For your dirty work tonight
Now ain’t that right
Here you come
You’ve gone from bed to bed to bed
And now the damage is done


One by one
You’ve gone from man to man
Until your mission is done

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