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Il Testo della canzone di:
Quittin' Time – John Anderson

Is there anything left between us as lovers
Any reason at all for holdin' on
How long must we go on hurting each other
When love is gone, it's gone

So many times we've tried talkin' it over
You always have your side, I've always got mine
All the talkin' in the world can't bring us closer
And we know in our minds it's quittin' time

Bein' with you used to be so easy
Now we're just in each others way
We make small talk like two lonely people
With nothing left to say

All we can do is call it a day
'Cause we sure can't call it love
We kept tryin' to give it time
Now it's time to give it up

If I thought it would make the least bit of difference
I could go on ignoring the signs
We ain't gonna win we're just goin' the distance
And that's where I draw the line, it's quittin' time

Girl, I've made up my mind
It's quittin' time

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