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Traduzione in Italiano

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Keep Shining –

I’ve been walking by the river since last night
Too many things I’ve got in my mind
I just cant’t make now
thinks right

I’ve been trying to write a song
About this world
So unsafe and so confused

But all the sudden I need you I need you I need you

Keep shining baby over me
Keep shining baby can’t you see
So many breakthroughs
we get blessed through this life
Keep shining baby over me
There’s nothing better can’t you see
Why don’t you drop the pain
‘cause love will guide all this time

I’ve been trying to collect all my straight
But a voice inside of me
Doesn’t want to make that change
But this time we got to be
Oh less attached
And once in life open up
To the things we don’t expect

I feel so insicure
In this world so unsure
But baby now
I’ve got you


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