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Traduzione in Italiano


Non gettare mai l'asciugamano, lo uso solo per asciugare il sudore
E torna sul ring e stacca la testa, sto bene
Ma ridistribuisco come un socialista
Prendi una casa, prendi una macchina, sono un po 'di merda per Oprah
E potresti concentrarti se i tuoi genitori lo attraversano?
E stai provando a fare un colpo per salvarli nell'altra stanza
È la pressione che ti farà scoppiare o farti scoppia –> Continua su Testitradotti <–


Il Testo della della canzone Di: Live From The Villa – Russ


Never throwin’ in the towel, I just use it to wipe the sweat off
And get back in the ring and knock your head off, I’m well off
But I redistribute like a socialist
You get a house, you get a car, I’m on some Oprah shit
And could you focus if your parents goin’ through it?
And you tryna make a hit to save ‘em in the other room
It’s pressure that’s gon’ either make you pop or make you pop
My mama cried a lot, I made it stop, we on a yacht
She always gives me game, gives me gems I don’t question
Like give without remembering, receive without forgetting
Disarm ‘em with your charm, use your kindness as a weapon
Everyone you meet, be a blessing, not a lesson

Okay, I got you
So many women that my new girl is old news
‘Cause I need more than eye candy, I need soul food
Until then, I’m just slangin’ it
I got your women upside down doin’ stranger things
I see a lot of skeptics, lot of doubters, but I’m smart
I know that y’all are really just dreamers with broken hearts
Feelin’ inadequate, that’s why you doin’ so much talkin’
‘Cause the path that I been blazin’, you’re incapable of walkin’
Y’all be goin’ nowhere fast, here’s some advice you should heed
Directions way more important than speed
This is Singapore suites, Jerry Springer war freaks
In the meeting with Epic, I sat in Sickamore’s seat
That was 2016, though, now I need Rob Stringer’s job
CEO of the whole shit, I’m on some boss shit

Every office I walk in knows this, it’s unspoken, yeah
Artists are martyrs, you want us to feel the pain
So that we can make a song that make y’all say that you relate
At the cost of our mental health, though, that’s a sacrifice
Money doesn’t change you, it just magnifies
If you have a vice, it’s just maximized
I’m either gettin’ pussy or makin’ hits, the only shit that cures my appetite
But I get hungry often, I got my twenties poppin’
Smokin’ Moroccan hash, makin’ a lot of cash
While all these dummies comment
‘Bout how they’d do it if they were in my position
But you’re not, you’re mediocre, and you lack the ambition
Plus you lack the persistence, not to mention the intrinsic

Motivation that it takes to even chase after a vision
That only you can see, that only you believe
So watch your tone, you’re not even you enough to fuck with me
Don’t come for me, it’s Russ, bitch
Anybody real always fucks with me, it’s up, bitch
I ain’t goin’ nowhere, y’all are stuck with me
Livin’ the dream was worth the chase
Just bought my mom a Rolex and it’s got the purple face
That’s her favorite color, this been her favorite summer
No girls compare, that’s why I still don’t got a baby mother

Ride with me, ride with me
I let you know if I even, I believe
Do anything but lie to me, lie to me
I wanna feel you fly with me, fly with me


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