Love takes time – Mariah Carey

Love takes time – Mariah Carey canzone pubblicata per la prima volta nell’anno 1990

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Love takes time – Mariah Carey Testo:

I had it all
But I let it slip away
Couldn’t see I treated you wrong
Now I wander around
Feeling down and cold
Trying to believe that you’re gone

Love takes time
To heal when you’re hurting so much
Couldn’t see that I was blind
To let you go
I can’t escape the pain
‘Cause love takes time
I don’t wanna be here
I don’t wanna be here alone

Losing my mind
From this hollow in my heart
Suddenly I’m so incomplete
Lord I’m needing you now
Tell me how to stop the rain
Tears are falling down endlessly


You might say that it’s over
You might say that you don’t care
You might say you don’t miss me
You don’t need me
But I know that you do
And I feel that you do



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Do                      La-
1.     I had it all, but I let it slip away,
Fa                       Re-          Sol
    Couldn't see that I treated you wrong.
Do                               La-
    Now I wander around, feeling down and cold,
C                       Am          - D
    trying to believe that you're gone.
  Fa        Sol     Mi-                         La-
Love takes time to heal when you're hurting so much,
                  Fa      Sol    Mi-      La-
couldn't see that I was blind to let you go
                    Fa     Sol         Mi-        La-
I can't escape the pain inside, 'cause love takes time
C                           - D                          G    
    I don't wanna be here ,      I don't wanna be here alone.
    -Em-C-D   G                           Em
2.             Losing my mind from this hollow in my heart,
 C                 Am            -  D
    suddenly I'm so incomplete.
Do                                     La-
    Lord, I'm needing you now, tell me how to stop the rain,
C                                Am    - D
     tears are falling down endlessly.         + REFRAIN 
Re-            Mi-           La-   Re-
    You might say that it's over,     you might 
Mi-           La-
say that you don't care.
Re-                   Mi-           La-
    Yeah, you might say you don't miss me, you don't need 
            C                                        D

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