Made in heaven (extended version)


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2000 Freddie Mercury solo collection cd 4- The singles 1973-1985

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Made in heaven (extended version) di Freddie Mercury

I’m taking my right in destiny, willing to play my part.
Living with painful memories, loving with all my heart.

Made in heaven,
Made in heaven,
It was all meant to be, yeah.

Made in heaven,
Made in heaven

That’s what they say, can’t you see?

That’s what everybody says to me, can’t you see, oh?

I know, I know, I know that it’s true,
Yes, it’s really meant to be, deep in my heart.

I’m having to learn to pay the price,
They’re turning me upside down,
Waiting for possibilities,
Don’t see too many around.

Made in heaven,
Yes, made in heaven.
It’s for all to see.

Made in heaven,
Made in heaven!

That’s what everybody says, everybody says to me,
It was really meant to be, oh, can’t you see?

Yeah, everybody, everybody says,
Yes, it was meant to be!
Yeah, yeah

When stormy weather comes around, it was made in heaven.
When sunny skies break through behind the clouds,
I wish it could last forever (ever), yeah,
Wish it could last forever, for ever.

(Made in heaven)

I’m playing my role in history, looking to find my goal,
Taking in all this misery but giving it all my soul.

Made in heaven,
Made in heaven,
It was all meant to be.

Made in heaven,
Made in heaven.

That’s what everybody says, wait and see
It was really meant to be so plain to see, yeah

Everybody, everybody, everybody tells me so.
Yes, it was plain to see,
Yes, it was meant to be
Written in the stars

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