Nowhere, Texas – Cross Canadian Ragweed Testo della canzone

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Nowhere, Texas – Cross Canadian Ragweed

World on your shoulders
Lot on your brain
Enough to drive a girl insane
Well I been thinkin bout maybe headin' southbound
Wonder if you'd do the same

Why don't you roll with me baby down to Nowhere, Texas
I got nothin but time
Jump in the cab of my 70 Chevy
Leave Oklahoma far behind

My good friend told me once Texas is big enough
That a man could get lost
Roll down that window
Open that glove box
Give that road map a toss


Dallas to Austin
Please come to Boston
Cause I been playin all night long
Turn off that radio
I'm gonna sing to you sweetly
the words to your favorite song


Well we'll keep on drivin till we hit that ocean
We'll get there by the break of day
Maybe I should warn you I never could stay sober
When I'm sittin on that Corpus Christi Bay

[Chorus 2X]

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