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Numb – Boogie

Okay you got me to the point where I don't give a fuck
I know I was slippin' for a minute
But it's funny cause you trippin' up
And I don't care if niggas gettin' up
You got me to the point where I don't give a fuck
You could even call my phone but I ain't pickin' up
Cause I remember I was riding
Til' a nigga caught them flats
Ain't nobody had my back
Where's all my bitches at
Man, they got me to the point where I don't give a fuck

Man how it feel to be numb
What, that sound crazy nigga
Numb is no feelings
I'm so willing to steer these dudes the right way, you know
Spread my darkness in a bright way
Lookin' for a wife, hey
Sike how I'm tryna find a wife
When every bitch I like seem to be livin' for them likes
Girl its more than just your Insta
Let's see the bigger picture
Speakin' of Insta, Finna gram with my niggas
Makin' plans with my niggas
Left my bitch and now its no stress
I get to poppin', now she watchin' That's my role-ex
It's no rest when you tryna get your name out
Niggas come from nooses, stupid, I ain't tryna hang out
Especially with lame niggas
I paint the picture
Dip the brush up in my pain nigga
Whoo (oh my God I don't care)
Yeah, bars to you niggas
Strip you of your pride
I'm like stars to you niggas
Ain't no secret on a Sunday
All these bitches get to twerkin'
And niggas get to searchin'
But now we call that thirstin' (thirsty)
Man I swear Twitter turned lying into talent
Until then imma try and find balance
Shit if I was ever slippin, know I got up
And niggas keep puttin' them shots up
But they gon' keep breakin
And we gon' keep laughin'
Cause they gon' keep trippin'
And we gon' sneak past 'em
Ah fuck em though, it go
Cuss at pussy niggas or you is one
Stingy what the fuck
Bruh you know I ain't finna give none
I said you know ain't finna give none

Give a fuck
I don't give no fucks
Give no fucks, I give no fucks
I give no fucks
I don't give no fucks, fucks
Give no fucks
Give no fucks
Give no fucks
Give no fucks
Give no fucks
No, no fucks

Woah, smokin' and drinkin' that's the way that I'm feelin'
I break it down and mix it up with my feelings
And I been chillin'
Catch me on a late night, I'm staring up at the ceiling
I take a shot and say how I'm finna kill 'em
But they don't hear me though
Jesus, why my generation paraplegic
You see we hungry for knowledge why can't you feed us
Need some food for thought
Shit it can't hurt me
They done cursed me with the gift of bein' thirsty
Uh, no, huh, yeah, uh
Shit you got me to the point where I don't give a fuck
Cause honestly I feel like you ain't give enough
I'm givin' up, nah

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