Oh Well – Lil Tjay Testo con traduzione in italiano


(Jay Bunkin)

Prendo una leccata e poi esco dalla città, se voglio essere basso, sono irraggiungibile
Fratello, becca un colpo quando andiamo, manca per sempre, la merda è indicibile
Questa merda è uno strumento, non ti sto insegnando
I negri non sono solidi, giuro che questa merda è preachable
Ragazzo, non ti nascondiamo, ti stiamo cercando
Tirati su su di te, ti vediamo come il peekaboo
Non ho m

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Il Testo della canzone di:
Oh Well – Lil Tjay

(Jay Bunkin)

I catch a lick then I head outta town, if I wanna be low, I'm unreachable
Bro catch a hit when we goin', it's missin' forever, the shit is unspeakable
This shit be tool, I ain't teachin' you
Niggas ain't solid, I swear this shit preachable
Boy, ain't no hidin', we seekin' you
Pull right up on you, we see you like peekaboo
I don't ever fear no man, I'll do exactly what he could do
Just crashed that Porsche but that shit ain't 'bout nothin', I'm still on the highway, I'm speedin' through
For Christmas, I'm coppin' the vehicle
If you want static, just keep that shit me and you
Talk Smelly, that shit RIP-able
Don't want a hammer, young niggas compete with you (Jay Bunkin)
And I got the gang with me now, tonight is a movie
I'm sippin' on Henny, it's blunts in the air, I'm tight, feelin' woozy
And shawty, she taped like a fan, she fake tried to scoop me
I'm rockin' designer, you see what he wearin', he drivin' a hoopty (Jay Bunkin)
Money comin' in and I'm loopy, in the spot with the D'usse
Brokest tried to hit a dance but a nigga can't, got 'em lookin' bougie
Glizzy, got it in my pants, I don't give a damn, let a nigga poof me
Sour high where the roof be, three-car garage, where the coupe be
Gotta sit up on my own, big crib, mad rooms, different zone
Just talked to brodie on the phone, he said he soon comin' home
Remember sittin' in the cold side, it was dark, I was all alone
Now I'm sittin' on the whole world, I've been workin' hard, puttin' on

(Grr, grr-grr, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Oh well, oh well (Grrr)
Oh well, oh well (Gang stupid)
Oh well, oh well (Well)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang)

Shit, shit, shit, shit
Shit, I'ma get in my bag
Big rocks and the VVS, I know niggas just watch and they mad
Niggas, they watch and they sad
I had to dash, two hunnid, got it in cash the other day
I put that shit in the safe, use it to pay, might cop an AP today
I put the jewels up, clean wrist, got a double watch
I used to juug all day, remember trappin', I love the block
You say you my homie, don't care if you gang and that mean you don't fuck with opps
My youngins out buggin', they bussin' chops
RIP to your homie but nothin' stops (Jay Bunkin)
Shit gon' keep goin' and goin', swear it's no change
Youngins chillin' on the blocks with a Glock, shit real, there ain't no games
No fear, let the chains swang, you were right, ain't know the gang-gang
From a block where they bang-bang
From a block where they bang-bang (Jay Bunkin)
Money comin', get it fast, put it in the stash, budget how I maintain
Feel like coppin' out a Range, Range, Escalade, that's a game thing
Flooded out, not a Plain Jane
Five cases from the stain game
Came a long, long way, long, long way, I just let the pain sing
It's my time, I'm ownin' it now (Now)
And sure, I been shuttin' down (Down)
Been drippin' so much, I might drown (Drown)
I been whippin' and runnin' the town
I'm sorry, can't fuck with no clown
Oh, niggas be playin' around
'Cause I get me a bag, oh, niggas just sit down and frown (Go)

(Grr, grr-grr, bah, bah, bah, bah)
Oh well, oh well (Grrr)
Oh well, oh well (Gang stupid)
Oh well, oh well (Well)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang)
Oh well, oh well (Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, gang, boom, boom)
Oh well, oh well

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