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Il Testo della della canzone Di: On Fire – Cyrus

Yeah, let's waste no time, I've had enough, yeah
I've chased the sun, I'm burning up
Been in my bag, in my all black Hoodie
This my passion, never back down watch me catch my balance, yeah
I'm the last one standing when it's dark out, yeah
Little faded but my future's super bright
I just spent a hundred on some drawers
I look so good in my MeUndies
I just spent a thousand on a bed
Little hard-headed but my sheets comfy
I've been making my way out of debt
Y'all been making shit up, that's the best
Never used to get to break bread
It was check to a check with no break and no bread
Now my bread is a choice, so it's no crust thanks
Wine with the cheese, cause my girl gluten-free
And it's hell with the noise man it's all too fake
Bunch of dick riders, a shortage of seats
I been living rent free in your head, what you think?
That I'ma dip out? Hell no, you can leave
I'm a real good time and my mom thinks I'm great
I should send myself nudes of myself like... jeez

Of myself like, jeez
Yeah, of myself like
Of myself like
Of myself like

I'm on fire, baby
I'm on fire, damn right
I'm on fire, baby
I'm on fire, damn right
And I'm cooling
Life is groovy
Got that smooth talk
Smooth sailing
I don't catch waves, but I rock that boat
Real good songs with them real high notes
Might get hot, but I'll take my time
When I take off, better brace yourselves
I'm on fire, baby
Ain't you heard about me?
I'm that guy, baby
Ain't no one that's like me
On fire, baby
I'm on fire, damn right
I'm on fire, baby
I'm on fire, damn right
I'm just cooling
Ain't no loose ends
And I'm heated
I can't cool off
I can't cool off
I can't cool off
I can't cool off
I can't cool off
I'm just cruising
And I'm cooling
I can't cool off
I can't cool off
I'm on fire

[Marcus Ryan:]
Lot of fans turned their back on me, shape-shift like Tetris
Told the label this is cast only, I can't deal with nothing extra
I'm on fire, on fire, Cy, pass me the matches
In a Uber ride to hell, but I'm still stuck in traffic
March to the best of my madness
Really hit home like an address
Hotter than grease, kissing catfish
If you really want know 'bout my catalyst
Entertain the idea of my ashes
This a habitual habit
With this I just come multi-facet
I just need one of my gadgets
Fire, no gases, shower my casket, this the new classic
Back to my bragging, two-headed dragon, my apparatus now
Conquered my sadness, vision elaborate, this my new labyrinth now
Don't follow patterns now
Last one who laughing now
Ha ha ha ha, having fun playing God
Throw myself to the wolves, I'm a human Molotov
Mind move a thousand miles, but I'm still slow to start
I'm on fire, on fire
Probably best for us all

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