On Mercury


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2002 By the way

Testo Della Canzone

On Mercury di Red Hot Chili Peppers

I’ve got myself
In a masochistic hold
Why don’t you let go
Shake it off
Just to redirect my flow
Come on let’s go

Sit up straight
I’m on a double date
I’ve got to find my way
Into the light, heavy, middle weight
We don’t stop, rock around the clock
Motor mooting off
In front of every other road block

Come again and tell me
What you’re going thru
Like a girl who only knew
Her child was due

Memories of everything
Of lemon trees on mercury
Come to me with remedies
From five or six of seven seas
You always took me with a smile
When I was down
Memories of everything
That blew thru

Looking up into
A reverse vertigo
What an undertow
Give it up
Another stubborn Scorpio
Come on let’s go

Sit up straight …

Come again
To the moon she gave
Another good review
Turn around and look at me
It’s really really you

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