Plastic – Deftones Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Plastic – Deftones

I kick my heart above your door way
Hanging Christ like bleeding
Cold the well within my soul 'cause
The rosy air I'm breathing
Shame... yeah

I wait to say who's but ever linger
Poop is what your head does
Everlong around my finger
Who said me so scared
And hold

Plastic seems to seal my eyes shut
God she must be crazy
Wait in shame I wait so long
But I'm too goddamn lazy

"I'll get mine" she said over and over
Who's that in my hole and
One and all it's been a long time
You can't keep me inside

Kick the door
If you ever linger
Wade in lies around my finger
No more scarecrows scared
I hold


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