Say Amen – Brother Ali Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Say Amen – Brother Ali

Truth so heavy it could rumble the earth
I dunked paint brush up in a bucket of words
Ain't Nothing interrupting the urge
Might cut you worse than unguarded love when it hurts

Try to hold it in and my muscles will burst
Do an Incredible Hulk through my shirt
A verse make an old lady jump up in the church
Pass a plate around pulling bucks out her purse

Foremost and first my hunger and thirst
Is not for no blood-stained paper but my love to be heard
Reap what I sowed in the earth
Now watch what emerge out a soul that's disturbed

Leaning on the very last nerve of you scary ass herbs
Fake thugs and arrogant nerds
Fuck no homo you a no home owning old grown
Unsigned chump month behind on your car loan

You got balls looking down on me
Or got a mirror on the floor trying to find Ali
And dressed flyly but so afraid to soar
You're all dressed up and got no place to go

And so play a roll there's no hope of living
More like go broke pretending
Your whole image is imagined I manage
Low expectations high standards

Hip hop is the legacy of the jazz kings
Kick rocks I'm one of the last standing
Last thing I do is overstate the obvious
Mainstream poppiness underground sloppiness

Dumbed down thuggery and pussy hungry consciousness
Revolution for sale greedy communist
Seinfeld rap your show about nothing
Poetry played it's all about production

Trying to get placements play like you're famous
Ain't added greatness to nary a playlist
Take this bitch take offense

Or if it don't apply let it fly say amen

Time's up on y'all posturing imposters
I don't give a damn if you're starving or copping Oscars
Out here grinding or floss in your ivory towers
I don't give a shit about your pants or how you rock em

I ain't bitter or backpacker or conscious
Just want y'all the fuck out my ear with that nonsense
From the office of Ali and Jake and them
If you feel me raise a hand say amen

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