Selfish – Curren$y Testo della canzone

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Il Testo della della canzone Di: Selfish – Curren$y

High spending that nigga, in the club fresh like I'm dressed to take pictures
Full of that liquor, Ryder keep on popping rozay, and Dre keep twisting those swishers
Man we living, and these hoes know that, recognize my face, I pause for that Kodak moment
Homies ten door ronie walked up on me and said she was rolling, this how we going, but she can't sleep in my crib because my girl will be home in the morning. I'm so sorry, but I'm trilling the bong whistle got a stack of money ready to peel and you can get it sike
See a trick iv'e never been, baby down that road iv'e never went
What I look like giving you half my chips like you roll half my fly ass shit biatch

Maybe I'm selfish, I did it all on my own you ain't help bitch [x2]

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