SS #10 – Cross Canadian Ragweed Testo della canzone

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SS #10 – Cross Canadian Ragweed

Some old story
Same old town
Same old me
same old hangin' around
Same old people
And the same old cars
same old lines
And the same old bars

If I were you I'd turn around and run
Cause you ain't done everything they want done
Doesn't matter what you do to survive
There's always something that will eat you alive

I've been down
To the basement floor
And I've been down, but I took one more
I've been down past the point of doubt
I've been down
I've been down and out

There's always people
Who'll put a smile on your face
There's always people
Make you feel out of place
There's always people
Make you feel right at home
There's always people
No matter where you roam

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