The Infinite Vocal (Demo) – Angels & Airwaves Testo della canzone

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The Infinite Vocal (Demo) – Angels & Airwaves

I'm in my own vacant street
Survive the flow
And come to me alive
Can't keep my head down
Ivory stockings and poison streams
I'll touch your heart, it can't break free alive
I'll roll my head up

I dragged a lake, but found a sea
So if I meant to be, you'll see, and I
I lose my head, I took the drug to feel a sting
It makes some sense to me, serene, oh I
I'll go alone to further the mountain to mask the scene
The way it used to be to me, please I
My fame is out, the young imagine
The summer heat, the dying symphony, it'll be, oh I
I'm in a bind, I grab tonight to cut it clean
The chains will not break free to me, and I
I'll lose my head, the world we started
A lifeless stream, the games weren't meant to make one scream, oh I
I'll keep my head down

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