Trough the waves


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2001 Bit

Testo Della Canzone

Trough the waves di Daniele Groff

on a journey after the sun
we stopped on a windy beach
that’s where the peace begun
and the chase ended
far away from the evil reach (x 2)

and the projects in your sight
all the nights without a sleep
restless like a storm out on the rye
‘till was no one left to calm
and nothing else to sweep

through the waves
life is rolling (x 2)
– the thoughtless air fits you well
and it’s fun to be in the waves –

guess you taught me a lot
things and feels that wouldn’t fade
letters surely full of gut
I never had doubts
still you get me so amazed
resigning to all that due to you by right
sundering always the fairy from the gloom
for you know is very bright
never to expect what it can’t give you

through the waves
sometimes scared by the waves (x 2)
– seasons changed and so did you
trying now to avoid the waves –

find your self far away
do you miss duty left behinds
is there something you would says – No –
you have time to change your mind
wrapped up in wool walking bare
there you were feet in the sand
only now I realise they were endless steps
just to reach the bend

through the waves
now you’re looking (x 2)
– the foamy curls are far away and still looking –
trough the waves

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