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Il Testo della canzone di:
Who's David – Busted

You've always been this way since high school
Flirtatious and quite loud
I find your sense of humour spiteful
It shouldn't make you proud
And I know your pretty face gets far with guys
But your make-up ain't enough to hide the lies

Are you sure that you're mine
Aren't you dating other guys
You're so cheap
And I'm not blind
You're not worthy of my time
Somebody saw, you sleep around the town
And I've got proof because the word's going around

(Don't know you)
You left your phone so I invaded
I hated what I saw
You stupid lying bitch, who's David?
Some guy who lives next door
So go live in the house of David if you like
But be sure he don't know Peter, John or Mike


Don't know you
Do do do do whoa
And I know that you try to break me into pieces
And I know that you lie but you can't hurt me now

I'm over you
Do do do do whoa
Don't like you
Do do do do whoa


Don't know you
Do do do whoa
Don't like you
Do do do whoa
Don't know you

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